Everyone Has a Story to Tell ~ Just Write

Well, I have wrapped my mind around my situation. Recently divorced, leaving everything behind I return to New York, but the trip has a few obstacles I had to navigate through. No home and with no money, I’ve placed myself in the system and live in a Women’s Shelter – this was a new experience for me and I am trying to learn and survive this sub culture living. Please know my experience will become a book somewhere down the line, but now I am focusing on my Silent Voices Series. I heard this name in a dream and will make it mine. I’ve decided my first writing experience will be of a paranormal theme. A trilogy, three sisters from the Dancing Family. Grabbing paper and pen I’m just throwing ideas on the page, making up a storyline as I go.  So far, I have lost one flash drive (stolen from the computer) that taught me – not even 1 minute to leave anything unattended to; the second flash drive I broke myself with my knee. I crushed the device.

Now back to the drawing board recouping as many files and sites I can remember. Good thing I have nothing but time on my hand. Well, I got the correction back from the proofreader/editor person and have to admit, I was disappointed. Thankful for the sentence restructuring, but the overall wording and word correction I had to redo myself. It’s all good… I find myself re-reading  the manuscript adding, rearranging and deleting some of the storyline. Having done this, I was able to open and develop the characters more ~ you know put some meat on them their bones. I can now appreciate the new feel of the novel.  So I’ve found another person Proofread/Editor. He is great and has been right along with me on two novels Rights of the Dead Vol. 1 of the Silent Voices Series.  I’m finally finished with Witnesses from the Grave-Yard  Vol. 2 of the Silent Voices Series and will continue to move forward, the release date for Vol. 2 scheduled in September.  The last trilogy is going to be called You Can’t Have Us ~ Grace from the Dead Vol. 3 Silent Voices Series.

Working like a little angel to get this book to the finish line. I have taken my advice and just write !! I have contracted out on Fiverr for a Book Cover Designer and found a nice artist who has designed both ROTD and Witnesses’s front covers. He will create covers for me for Smashwords and Createspace for an inexpensive price.

So now, I have my covers – Will do another two drafts before I have it formatted. Want to make sure that the storyline flows. Formatting developer is on speed dial, Word and I are always on different ends of the spectrum it’s always so finicky and it has the nerve to recalibrate what I assign as margins. For now, I prefer to give someone else this headache I have enough to do.      

Creating my storyline was harder than writing the novel. Try getting your work narrowed down to 200 words. The wording has to be:  action-packed, hard-hitting and to the point. Power Words, that took @ 2 hours to absorb before I did two drafts and placed myself in the consumer’s shoes, if I was browsing in Walmart and came across this storyline would I buy the book. OK, it’s mine so you know the answer was Yes !!