It’s Hard Being Bias:

Working like a little trooper to get this book to the finish line. I have decided to take my own advice and just write !! I have contracted out on Fiverr for a Book Cover Designer and found a nice artist from Australia. She will create covers for me for Smashwords and Createspace for an inexpensive price with 3 revisions if needed.

     Looked at another Graphics Designer and liked him just a little better. I had worked with him before and actually lost his contact info, thank goodness I store info on various flash drives – never know when they will come in handy.

     So now, I have my covers – Will probably do another two drafts before I have it formatted. Want to make sure that the story line flows. Already have a ProofReader and Formatting developer ready as well. This will probably be the most expensive until I learn DIY formatting. I hate Word.. It’s always so finicky and it has the nerve to recalibrate what you assign as margins. For now, I prefer to give someone else this headache I have enough to do.

     Creating my story-line was probably harder than actually writing the novel. Try getting your work narrowed down to 200 words. The wording has to be action packed, hard hitting and to the point. Power Words, that took @ 2 hours to absorb before I did two drafts and placed myself in the consumer’s shoes, if I was browsing in Walmart and came across this story-line would I buy the book. OK, it’s mine so you know the answer was Yes !!

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