You Can’t Have Me ~ Grace from the Dead

You Can’t Have Me ~ Grace from the Dead 

Silent Voices Series Vol. 3

Coming Soon

Don Gabriel Rodriquezes leader of El Angel Vengador Cartel is on a quest to find the persons responsible for the deaths of his grandmother, grandfather, and mother. Jealousy and greed motivated their deaths sanctioned by his father Don Marcel Rodriquezes leader of El Bestia Brasileña Cartel. Follow Don Gabriel as he travels to Russia looking for the last person responsible for killing his mother.

He will turn the Cartel stronghold in Brazil upside down in his attempt to distanced himself from his father’s legacy and bring his families murderers to justice. Traditions will be broken and new bonds forged as he and Agent Teing form a strange and dangerous partnership. Can the Ellison brothers keep Gabriel alive or will they lose another sibling to the violence that shadows their lives? Repercussions are coming and it’s not just going to affect the two men, but everyone around them. Can they save themselves and their loved ones in time to see justice done?

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