Need an Editing Program?

Well after you have taken the time to create your manuscript ~ dealing with writer’s block, endless cups of coffee and long sleepless nights now comes the hard part finding an editor/proofreader that won’t take you to the bank.  My manuscripts are usually 525 pages and 72,000 words ~ ouch the cost is deadly:-)

As an indie author/publisher, you can appreciate the cost that tradition authors are faced with. Even with a legit and promising publishing house they get than roughly 15% of the proceeds ~ don’t forget that the next costly part of publishing is advertising and promotion.

So what programs can you utilize as a creative, but financially struggling indie publisher? Warning: Don’t get wrapped up in the hype, most of the following programs will provide you with FREE limited access and will analyze a portion of your manuscript. Try them all and see which one will prove to be of benefit to your style of writing.  My advice to you, if you’re to invest in any one of these choose a yearly subscription that provides you with the widest variate. I’m torn between ProWritingAid and AutoCrit, I’ll try the other 3 at a later time. One of these programs will be used to critique my latest novel: Witnesses from the GraveYard, scheduled to be released soon under T. Otelia Scriber.

ProWritingAid: Costs: $24-$40 per year

AutoCrit: Costs: $60-$144 per year

Stylewriter: Costs: $90-$190

Smart Edit: Costs: $57-$67

WordRake: Costs: $129-$199 per year

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