Treasure Game’s New Novella

Well, I’ve finished putting the final touches on You Can’t Have Us the last novel in the Silent Voices Series. Now I’m going to forward some cover images and see what my designer comes up with. He’s great. Somehow he’s managed to provide just what I’m looking for  ~ that cover that pops!!!! and makes you want to pick up the book to at least read the synopsis. 

Took three weeks off and now I’m going to focus my attention on Treasure Game’s next Novella: I have the title already: Don’t Walk ~ Stay With Me. This will be a continuation from Treasure Under My Umbrella. Bear with me as I attempt to make this a stand alone version. Personally, it helps if you don’t have to read the first novella to figure out what’s going on. I will briefly highlight some character attributes to bring you up to speed. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the dark. -:).

Morgana, a Diabetic, sixty-two year old divorcee putting her life back together in New York, after a failed twenty year marriage. Black ~ Native American of the Navajo Nation who has caught the attention of Scandinavian Chandler Sinclair Bengtsson a single dad living in Tennessee.  Chandler has a few secrets not yet disclosed to Morgana, if she knew she would definitely run. Darkness stalks Morgana in the form of a ruthless and predatory police officer.

Chandler has waited  a very long time for someone like Morgana ~ no one and nothing will be allowed to endanger her life or his plans for their relationship.  He’ll have to face a curse from his past whose presence threatens everyone he holds dear: his son, the live’s of his close friends and Morgana. 

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