About the Author

My very first reader was a comic book at the age of 3 years old. Bless you mom for planting that seed in my life. I have always from that day had an unquenchable thirst for the written word. I love the feel of turning the pages of a book, the smell of paper and ink, the power of holding and carrying a mode of time travel to any country I ever wanted to visit.

Coming up I had the advantage of visiting used bookstores and trading in my used books not to mention purchasing new readers at a discount price. Imagine having $10.00 in your pocket and coming home with 20 to 30 books. Are you one of those people that can read 3 books at one time and keep the characters and plots separate? Well, I happen to be one of those people. Needless, to say I was reading faster than I wanted to and my extra book surplus did not last long.

One day, my mother suggested that I take all those stories in my head and create my own literary work. If only I had taken her advice seriously and taken some English Literature courses in college, I might have been a famous author by now. But I did not listen instead I opted for a PreMed curriculum and failed at that miserably. Then I moved to Business. Third year in college and I find myself having to have a major operation that would force me to be hospitalized for 2 months and recoup at home for another 4 months. Thankfully, I had a very resourceful mom and we looked like sisters. She took all my classes and taped my professors, with their assistance we worked out a system for my exams. Thank you God, I did not have to repeat the semester. WooHoo.

Anyway, By this time a gaming system came out called Game Boy. I loved RPG games and movies so I started writing storylines geared upon my playing the games. My fantasy books and I enjoyed spending time writing as well as playing. It took all of my money selling newspapers on Saturdays and Sundays to purchase this game system and 4 RPG Games. From these games, I created 10 story journals.

Atlas, life experiences had not finished with me yet. Married late in life and then the writing dream, fire, dedication and desire was lost and placed on the back burner. Always meaning to return to my dream but, just never found the time and energy to do so. I kept the story line, but I lost the journals when our home was lost in foreclosure. That life experience created a hole in my heart and soul.



T. Otelia Scriber