Treasure Game’s New Novella

Well, I’ve finished putting the final touches on You Can’t Have Us the last novel in the Silent Voices Series. Now I’m going to forward some cover images and see what my designer comes up with. He’s great. Somehow he’s managed to provide just what I’m looking for  ~ that cover that pops!!!! and makes you want to pick up the book to at least read the synopsis. 

Took three weeks off and now I’m going to focus my attention on Treasure Game’s next Novella: I have the title already: Don’t Walk ~ Stay With Me. This will be a continuation from Treasure Under My Umbrella. Bear with me as I attempt to make this a stand alone version. Personally, it helps if you don’t have to read the first novella to figure out what’s going on. I will briefly highlight some character attributes to bring you up to speed. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you in the dark. -:).

Morgana, a Diabetic, sixty-two year old divorcee putting her life back together in New York, after a failed twenty year marriage. Black ~ Native American of the Navajo Nation who has caught the attention of Scandinavian Chandler Sinclair Bengtsson a single dad living in Tennessee.  Chandler has a few secrets not yet disclosed to Morgana, if she knew she would definitely run. Darkness stalks Morgana in the form of a ruthless and predatory police officer.

Chandler has waited  a very long time for someone like Morgana ~ no one and nothing will be allowed to endanger her life or his plans for their relationship.  He’ll have to face a curse from his past whose presence threatens everyone he holds dear: his son, the live’s of his close friends and Morgana. 

Vol. 3 Phase 1 Completed

My-ro-na!! The first draft of You Can’t Have Us ~ Grace from the Dead Silent Voices Series: Vol. 3, is finally finished. As of 3:14 PM Thursday March 22, 2018. My fingers are so tight and numb, I’ve been here today on the computer since 6 A.M. this morning. One cup of Chocolate Raspberry Coffee and a Blueberry Muffin.  I’m starved and need to move my poor stiff body. Thank goodness for Sound-cloud and my 532 saved House Music favorites. 

Now that I’m over this hurdle, I’ll work on gathering some images and send those to my book-cover creator. Proofreading and editing will be done by me this time around using ProWritingAid. So bear with me as I get working on that next week.  Since this is finishing up, I’m think about either a sequel to Under My Umbrella or something a little more racy, for me anyway. Always wanted to try my hand at an Adult Novella.  

Right now, I’m taking some time out for myself re-decorating my studio, knitting a sweater for next winter, quilting two pillowcases for my jumbo body pillow and giving support to my fellow writers at Voracious Readers Only. So much to do and never enough time to do everything, considering a schedule guide where I just focus on one outside  activity a day. 

In the meantime, don’t forget to look for me on Amazon, Smashword and B&N under this  name T. Otelia Scriber.

Thank you,


What is an ISBN?

isbn If you are publishing a novel or any written work , you might be asking yourself what is an ISBN and do you need one. Until recently most writer’s never had to worry about this publishing responsibility your brick and mortar publishing company took care of this. Now, if you’re a self publisher, you might be able to publish your masterpiece without one. E-Books published under Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble will provide you with a ISBN, they become your publishers ~ your work is still your own. 

  • ISBN = International Standard Book Number
  • it’s a 13 digit number (It used to be 10.)
  • it’s printed on the copyright page
  • The ISBN identifies the title and edition of a book and the publisher to be contacted for ordering the book
  • each edition or format of a book gets its own ISBN
  • Who buys the ISBN?  The publisher.

If you plan on printing a hard copy physical book then you MUST purchase an ISBN code. Bookstores track books solely by their ISBNs.  If you’re selling your printed book on your own website without the benefit of submitting to stores or libraries or with wholesalers, it’s not required.

You may buy ISBNs one at a time or in quantity from Bowker. In the U.S., one ISBN costs $125. Larger orders get a discount, so if you’re certain you’ll be self-publishing at least two books (or two formats of the same book), then you may want to purchase ten ISBNs for $295 and use the rest later. (Sorry, once assigned, ISBNs are non-transferable.)

International ISBN


United Kingdom

Canadian  {when last checked ISBN were free}

ISBN Fields of Information

isbn_detail For more updated information please visit Here

If you self-publish and plan to sell print versions, you may want a bar-code on the cover as few book merchants actually read the ISBN numbers anymore, they scan them. You can turn a number into a bar-code for $25.

T. Otelia

Need Reviews for Your Written Works?

Every person that uses electronic marketing needs exposure for their business, their novels, their ideas. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to just place something on the Web and hope that it’s going to get discovered.  Marketing on the Web is harder than a brick and mortar business and triple harder for upcoming writers.

Yes, we can self publish our work, but we also need readers, clients that might want to purchase our work. We need EXPOSURE in order for that to happen. Why should I be bothered to read or consider your novel when I readily enjoy Christine Feehan, Sherrilyn Kenyon or Michael Peterson? Who are you?

I was contacted by and organization an I love their concept. Please note this might not be for everyone, but it works for me. Welcome to the Voracious Readers Only List!

I’m skeptical of emails from unknown addresses and 9 times out of 10, I automatically delete. Not time to read and not interested. This caught my eye and peaked my interest. In a nutshell sign up to be a Beta Reader for other authors in your genre, review them Amazon, Goodreads, Smashword, Nook and submit a completed work that you don’t mind giving free samples of.  Get your own work reviewed by others.  Not only do you get reviews of your novel, but you might also get a sale if they enjoy it enough to want to keep a copy. I have submitted two of my works so far. 

Who doesn’t enjoy getting new ebooks for FREE to read?

I’m not soliciting any affiliate program. I’m getting getting any perps for suggesting this. As one new author to many merely suggesting this might work for you. It’s worth a try.

T. Oetlia Scriber

You Can’t Have US ~ Grace from the Dead

Silent Voices Series Vol. 3 ~ You Can’t Have US ~ Grace from the Dead
The last sequel is proving to be a challenge. Not only am I attempting to bring the last part of the series to a conclusion, the gathering of information from the other two prior works are referrred to as well.
I want to branch out and create another series from this work. I love Teing and Cat, not to mention Jasmine and  Pierce might deserve a series of their own.
With that being said the last volume will take a little longer before it is released. Not to mention I’ve yet to decide on the final cover for the series. So for now we’ll use this photo as a concept for future reference.trioghosts

I Was Homeless, but Now….Season Greetings

Hello Readers,

December 25, 2017~ will be my Birthday. This time last year, I had no place to call my own, lying my head in a Woman’s Shelter, praying that God didn’t forget me. The first time I ever experienced Homelessness, having moved here after my divorce ~ marriage ended after twenty years.

Being Homeless was taunting, scary and embarrassing, but it was also a learning experience for me. Depending upon one’s personality you can choose to rise above your situation or wallow in self-pity and be defeated. I make no judgment calls upon anyone, but myself. I chose to fight, to face my fears and make them work to assist me in my endeavors to find my own place. Praying is always good, but one also needs to have some action behind the supplication. I’m not saying there weren’t moments with I didn’t hate myself, suffered from low self-esteem and cried like a river. There were a lot of moments!!!!! After a while I realized my fears and obstacles are not merely things to be overcome, but I needed to turned those new challenges into stepping-stones for me. I still l had some growing up to do in order to achieve my goals. 

It’s so easy to be mired down by guilt and self-pity when you’re not doing the work. It’s always someone else’s fault that you haven’t excelled to your full potential ~ not too many people are going to accept the blame for their own failure. 

God, My Father was good to me. He gave me a strong, faith driven mother, a determined brother, an encouraging friends and associates along the way.

So, how will you close 2017?

Do you have a testimony? 

How has God Blessed you? 

Without fear, obstacles and turmoil we would never experience the joy of hope, happiness and accomplishments achieved. ‘Be Thankful,’ we can still experience them for it only validates that we are alive. We have a choice to strive forward to wrestle and challenge any obstacle determined to be triumphed.

Let’s Welcome this Christmas and New Years with Gladness and Thankfulness. 



Novella ~ Who?

It wasn’t until I began writing professionally that I discovered there was a difference between short stories and novels. So, now that I had the difference between those two down pact, the literary world decided to throw in terms like novellas and novelettes.

Novellas and Novelettes are not common, but the differences are still important and worthy to be mentioned.

Flash Fiction

The briefest of short short stories ranging from 53 – 1000 words. These literary works became the norm @ the year 2000. You can read Monster,” by Michael Czyzniejewski.

Short Story

Traditional short stories are readings that a person could finish in one day. The word count for short stories range up to 3,500 words, but no more than 7,500 words. The theme of these works usually center on a single plot, one main character and is told in either single person or third person narrative style depending upon the author. Short stories do not as a rule involve multi-plots or major twist and conflicts.


New writing contender in the literary world. As the name implies this form of writing focused around romantic or semtimental themes and characters. Because of the fact that they are short and brief in their telling the catergory will have several volumes centering upon a central theme. The word count for a single writing can range from 7,500 words to 17,500 words.

  • Gordon R Dickson ~ The Cloak and the Staff
  • Conn Iggulden ~ Blackwater


Novellas have been around since the 1300’s but did not become famous enough to make any type of writing impact until the eighteenth century. They were considered to be in the genre of the short novel or the long short story. You might remember the movie A Clockwork Orange which was written by Anthony Burgess. This is just one famous example of a novella, another example of the form of fiction would be The Metamorphosis by Kafka. 

Novellas can range from 17,500 words to 40,000. Looking for complicated plots, twist, conflicts, involving more than one character ~ bring it on. It will have more content than the flash fiction, short story and novelette, but less than the novel. Full blown up storyline. You can still read these written works within one day. You can still have volumes attached to this form of writing the works are usually broken up into time periods.


Readers get your reading fix here: 40,000 to 120,000 words. Science fiction, fantasy and horror can touch as high as a 1,250,000 word count. Consider this the written work of a movie production. Several characters, intricate plots and sub-plots, minor and major characters, time travel over a period of days, months and / or years. The writer addressing character growth issues, morals, judgments, personal situations, disappointments and victories. Some authors you might recognize: