Rights of the Dead Vol. 1

Rights of the Dead ~ Silent Voices Series Vol.1

Cynthia Dancing has been searching for her twin sisters Jasmine and Willow for a year. She suspects that the Embassy Agent Ash Kent assigned to their case is corrupt. Her sisters were actively working as volunteers in Brazil through the American Red Cross Ambulatory Division, setting up free clinics to alleviate the suffering and anguish of homelessness among women and children of the street. These women and children are now mysteriously disappearing; no one knows who will be next. The streets are no longer safe and there is no safety in numbers. This leads the twins to an Underground Movement where by night they worked feverishly to cripple the drug-lords and various Cartels forced labor activities. They become involved with the Underground Movement leading many homeless women and children to safety out of the country.

The Underground movement has been compromised countless women, children, associates and friends massacred and the twins are captured. They themselves are now, victims of slave labor, enduring unspeakable horrors and deadly Pit fights. One of the twins is seriously injured.  Agent Teing Navares’ assignment is to eliminate the mole within the Embassy. Can he and Cynthia work together to rescue her sisters? Trust is a two-way street and they don’t have that connection yet. Travel with them as they race against time to save the twins and cripple the drug-lord’s rule in the Amazon Jungle.