Treasure Under My Umbrella

Well, the novella is finally edited, I do apologize for the delay. Unfortunately, I was pressed into sending the script out again for some revisions.

So, what do you think?

  1. What do you think Officer Mitchem’s fate should be?
  2. How will Asheré respond to Xiulan’s surprise?
  3. Will Darnell and Morgana form a working relationship?
  4. Should the driver accept Chandler’s proposition?



Which Story line is Better?

Ok, so I’m contemplating another storyline and I’m brainstorming ideas.

Weep Not 4 Me { Scenario 1}

Wanda was lost in thought alighting from the Qn 114 bus trying to think of all the chores that she needed to finish by the time her boss arrived for the conference this morning. She came upon a crowd gathered in front of an electronic store. The store window home to several TV screens all broadcasting the 7 O’clock News.

Police are looking for Mrs. Jay Tee Wheatena, a missing Afro American elderly woman possible mid-sixties, Salt n’ pepper hair worn in a French roll, black-rimmed glasses, wearing a grey/blue plaid light coat with medium grey pumps. She was last seen carrying a large brown tote bag with her companion inside ~ a Pekinese dog wearing a red sweater with a matching little red bow barrette in its hair. If you have seen this woman, please call the Missing Person’s Hotline 1800-555-6610. 

The attendant left her in the living room of her home for two minutes to get her medicines and settle her for the evening. When the attendant returned she found the front door opened and Mrs. Wheatena was gone. She called the police immediately. Mrs. Wheatena is insulin dependent and suffers from dementia she wandered from her home attendant last night after attending a benefits gala.

Wanda gave a little scream as she realized the woman was a passenger on the bus she just left. The woman smiled at her as she took a seat right across from her, talking to the pooch feeding the dog snacks. The pup was mannerable, head crocked to side listening to the lady’s voice, laying comfortably in her lap, inside the tote bag. She scrambles for her cell phone frantically dialing the number and turning around to look at the bus now six blocks away moving fast.

Weep Not 4 Me { Scenario 2}

Mrs. Jay Tee Wheatena was sorry for the trouble that she might cause Kimberly her attendant for leaving in the middle of the night, but she couldn’t stand one more day taking medications that left her disorientated and didn’t work. The pain was unbearable, her bone cancer was progressive, and she just wanted it to end. Attending the benefit gala was her last social event. At least she’d have one special night to remember before she closed her eyes.

She was a proud Afro American woman mid-sixties, Salt n’ pepper hair worn in a French roll, black-rimmed glasses, wearing a red sweater dress under a grey/blue plaid light coat with medium black pumps. She had to take Mizzy with her or she would have cried all night. Dressed in a matching color outfit like her mistress, Mizzy laid comfortably on top of her special quilt in a spacious black canvas tote bag. She was a beautiful tan and white Pekinese dog wearing a red sweater with a matching little red bow barrette holding a tuff of hair in the middle of her head. Mizzy had been her mistress’s companion for seven years, they were inseparable.

Mrs. Wheatena, took the Qn 114, bus that would take her to the beach, so she could walk watching one more sunrise paint the day with its rays of bright red, orange and yellow. Mizzy would be alright running up and down the beach until someone noticed her without an owner. Inside the tote bag was her last will and testament. She was leaving all her property and Mizzy to Kimberly who had taken excellent care of her for three years. She knew that Kimberly had two children ages ten and seven that she left every day with her cousin to come and care for her. Hopefully, this would compensate her for her dedication and sacrifice.

She breathes easier comfortable with her decision the disease robbing her of her quality of life, but it would not steal how she ended it, her only regret was leaving Mizzy behind. Well, she had sixteen more stops to the beach looking at Mizzy with love, she spoke softly to the dog and rubbed her head affectionally.


Are Your Characters Dressed for Success?

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Some attributes and ideologies never change, even in the 21st Century we still judge people by their appearance.  First impressions are important whether they are right or wrong – how we dress speaks volumes about our personality, social status, priorities, and values. First impressions can be readjusted over time, but no matter what the first time we met the person and what they were wearing will always be first and foremost in our mind. 



In fiction, clothing serves the same purpose, granting authors the ability to influence their readers in subtle but effective ways.

Developing Your Character thru Clothes

As authors how we dress our characters is very important when laying the groundwork for our scenes.  As a child, I remember watching shows like “Leave it to Beaver” and “Dennis the Menace” while the theme of family values was evident the mother’s/woman’s attire never worked for me. Why would the women always be decked out to the nines like they were going out to the store wearing a  nice dress, dress shoes, stocking, face all made up and hair coiffed, but they’d be doing housework swinging vacuum cleaner and waxing furniture? Didn’t women wear housecoats and rollers?  Make up every day even if they weren’t going out in public?  So, even as a child there was something not right realistically in the presentation of a “stay at home mom” doing the cooking, cleaning, and all the household choices and still managing to look like a Stepford Wife.

We all know that even the film industry falls into the art of Character Dress Up. Come on we all know in prison, your attire is either orange or black and white jump suits, yet when court date rolls around they parade the accused in a business suit or a nice dress. Why? Because they want to convince you of the integrity of the accused. Make his version of the truth believable, they’re playing on the jurors and courtrooms sympathy. Even, derelicts receive a make over.

What message are you trying to convey to your reader?

Spend time with your characters ~ get to know them, their strengths, weaknesses, eating habits, the way they walk, how much makeup they use, what’s the man’s favorite cologne, does he use an ornate walking stick etc.

  • Does your character have a sense of style ~ Goth? Bohemian? Label conscious? Bargain Rack? 
  • Does she suit her dress to the occasion, or wear whatever she wants whenever she wants, screw occasion?
  • What type of car does she drive? Domestic? Foreign? Luxury? or Mini Van?
  • Is the man fashion trendy?  Custom Made? Off the Rack? Conservative? Flashy? Casual?

Is your character rebellious in their dress ~ All black attire? black lipstick?  piercing? tattoos?  Suffering from low self-esteem, hiding under oversized clothing? tacky attire? sloppy appearance. Goth-Boots

However, you decide to dress your characters ~ each one of these questions above should spark and create scenes.



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