I Was Homeless, but Now….Season Greetings

Hello Readers,

December 25, 2017~ will be my Birthday. This time last year, I had no place to call my own, lying my head in a Woman’s Shelter, praying that God didn’t forget me. The first time I ever experienced Homelessness, having moved here after my divorce ~ marriage ended after twenty years.

Being Homeless was taunting, scary and embarrassing, but it was also a learning experience for me. Depending upon one’s personality you can choose to rise above your situation or wallow in self-pity and be defeated. I make no judgment calls upon anyone, but myself. I chose to fight, to face my fears and make them work to assist me in my endeavors to find my own place. Praying is always good, but one also needs to have some action behind the supplication. I’m not saying there weren’t moments with I didn’t hate myself, suffered from low self-esteem and cried like a river. There were a lot of moments!!!!! After a while I realized my fears and obstacles are not merely things to be overcome, but I needed to turned those new challenges into stepping-stones for me. I still l had some growing up to do in order to achieve my goals. 

It’s so easy to be mired down by guilt and self-pity when you’re not doing the work. It’s always someone else’s fault that you haven’t excelled to your full potential ~ not too many people are going to accept the blame for their own failure. 

God, My Father was good to me. He gave me a strong, faith driven mother, a determined brother, an encouraging friends and associates along the way.

So, how will you close 2017?

Do you have a testimony? 

How has God Blessed you? 

Without fear, obstacles and turmoil we would never experience the joy of hope, happiness and accomplishments achieved. ‘Be Thankful,’ we can still experience them for it only validates that we are alive. We have a choice to strive forward to wrestle and challenge any obstacle determined to be triumphed.

Let’s Welcome this Christmas and New Years with Gladness and Thankfulness. 



Story Mapping


I know this looks infantile and some would say not powerpoint worthy, but I care not. I want to show you how I try to come up with plots and themes for my writing. I follow this simple outline I constructed there are so many others, but some of them are some complicated that I’ve lost interest in studying them. Sorry, I want to write the story not take 3 – 4 months coming up with a guideline. That might be my downfall, but what  I do and how I accomplish it works for me. 

Movies, Billboards, Poems, Bible Story, Family Incidents or Smells all lend a hand in creating my story. It could also be a fragmented dream I had ~ darn it’s so maddening to wake up and forget what you saw not 3 seconds ago. But that’s ok, as long as I had a beginning or an idea I can take it anywhere I want and that’s enough for me.

My books are usually 6×9 which I find to be great for people to carry around with them. It’s tall and narrow able to fit in any decent pocketbook/purse, 395 pages tops is where I try to cut it off. There is no set fast rule for a length of a good story, but  I prefer to break it up into sequels if possible. You don’t overload the reader’s eyes, brains and concentration ~ give them a taste, make them want to look for the next book, is it good enough for them to mention to their friends? 

  1. Silent Voices Series

Rights of the Dead Vol. 1

Witnesses from the GraveYard Vol. 2

     2. Treasured Game Series

Treasure Mine (Coming December)