Treasure Under My Umbrella

Meet Morgana Long-Williams, a sixty+ woman of color who after 20 years of marriage is divorcing her husband. The mental abuse just too overwhelming for her to continue the marriage anymore. Feeling like a failure, she struggles to put her life in order. Returning to NY with little family and no money ~ God blesses her with an apartment.

Along comes Chandler Sinclair Bengtsson, a single dad, and business associate from Nashville Tennessee wanting to form a relationship with her. She just came from one and shies away from his declarations of affection. Getting to know Morgana isn’t easy there are some people: like a ex-husband, a killer and a crooked cop that have her in their sights. Chandler wants her for his wife and mother to his son, he vows to remove all danger from her life. 

Can these two people work together to give each other what they both crave? Healing of their past wounds to form a lasting relationship that will blossom regardless of distance, past heartbreak and racial differences. Morgana runs, but Chandler works his magic getting her to stay still long enough to consider this might be their second chance.

They’d be a fool not to see the gift that fate is giving them.