Witnesses from the Grave~Yard Vol. 2

Witnesses from the Grave-Yard ~ Silent Voices Series Vol. 2


IT’S BEEN SIX months since Jasmine was safely returned back to her family. She and her twin Willow were kidnapped by the Bestia Brasileña Cartel in Brazil during one of their treks with the Underground Movement. They were escorting homeless women and children to safety from the Brazilian drug lords when the entire network was compromised and many of their friends, women and children were slaughtered.

As a result of this attack, the sisters were held hostage as forced labor workers for a year. Their sister Cynthia and Agent Teing Navares from the Embassy forming a shaky alliance aimed at rescuing Jasmine and Willow from captivity. Unfortunately, not everyone made it back home. Jasmine has been united with her family, life for her now will never be the same. After several months in therapy, trying to put the events behind her, she is still an emotional wreck.  Afraid to wake up screaming from vivid nightmares, she’s developed insomnia and has suicidal thoughts.

She is slowly losing her mind and this has her emotionally petrified. Jasmine hasn’t told anyone in the family about her other disturbing development ~ Willow is calling to her. Cynthia her baby sister is the only one aware of the silent horrors that Jasmine is enduring, but Jasmine is in denial.

Maria and Henrique now reside in Egypt with Cynthia’s and Jasmin’s Aunt Nekhebet, the High Priestess of Ba stet. Maria has been having disturbing dreams about Willow, she wants to reach out to Jasmine, but is reluctant to do so since she knows that Jasmine is walking a fine line between sanity and madness. Some bonds can never be broken and the bonds of twins are strong and special.

Willow comes back a voice from the dead and she needs help. The dead are drawn to her goodness and light, they are seeking justice and closure from their wrongful deaths. Can Jasmine, Cynthia and Maria come to terms with their special bond to Willow? Let’s go back with them to Brazil. It’s going to to be a rough hot trip and we’re not talking about the weather.